Customer Comments

  • Owner very knowledgeable, great visit.

    Gabriel E.

  • I’ve purchased many unique pieces from Zazoo—always top quality and documented for authenticity.

    John L.

  • One of our favorite places to visit everytime we're in the Keys. Stunning photographs from the legends of music and cinema. James and Jason are great. Their service has always been stellar. Highly recommended.

    Brad T.

  • I find the service first class. The artworks were couriered to Canada. The packaging ensured there were no problem; and the framing was superior and creative. It is a sheer details that to deal with them. I trust them.

    Stan B.

  • I love this gallery. I have bought many pieces over the years and I look forward to buying more. Jason is very knowledgeable and helpful. If he doesn't have a piece I want, he usually can find it for me. Would highly recommend the gallery.

    Jeffrey K.

  • Awesome gallery and service!! They don't follow you around making you feel pressured but are very knowledgeable and available to answer questions. The selection is very unique. They shipped us the Woodstock piece we selected and it was exceptionally well-packed, timely and arrived in perfect condition. Jason is excellent to work with and he is reliable and keeps his promises. Great experience!

    Stan H.

  • Far from being a "tourist trap" , this gallery stands out as a premier destination in Key West, meriting high praise for several reasons. Firstly, their commitment to delivering artworks with exceptional care and remarkable speed is unparalleled, ensuring that your treasures arrive in pristine condition. Additionally, the gallery boasts a curated selection that caters to a diverse range of tastes, making it a treasure trove for art collectors. Jason's expertise and deep knowledge further enhance the visitor experience, providing insights and information that enrich one's appreciation of the art on display. Truly, this gallery is a gem among Key West's artistic offerings.

    Michele D.

  • Jason was Awesome!! We visited 2x before the purchase that was made and arrived on-time and in superb condition. I am waiting for his next item of interest!!

    Al S.

  • Take a stroll down Duval Street, Key West and you will find a magical place called "Zazoo Fine Art Gallery". It was nearly 5 years ago when my husband and I came upon Casper the friendly Ghost in the gallery window. This piece found its Forever Home on our livingroom wall. It was the first of many pieces of art that Jason has helped us acquire. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with our Zazoo pals!!!

    Judy F.

  • We were just there last week and enjoyed the experience. We purchased a tom everhart snoopy original. The care taken in packaging the art work was flawless.

    David Z.

  • Zazoo is amazing! They have so many unique collections and one of a kind items. We have purchased a number of pieces over the years and are consistently impressed with their attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism.

    Jennifer O.

  • I received very good customer service from Jason at the Zazoo Fine Art Gallery, helping me shipping the purchased piece to my home address outside of the US. Only good things to say about this art gallery!

    Ole S.

  • Had a wonderful experience in the gallery. I purchased a Harley Davison abstract on metal and was explained the history of the art piece. They were not only very knowledgeable but polite and helpful Very much recommend.

    Peggy M.

  • Our favorite gallery by a mile. Outstanding selection. The Gallery Director, Jason always makes it worthwhile to visit with his breadth of knowledge, kindness and genuine passion for the arts.

    Rory L.

  • Jason is Fantastic to deal with! Love the new addition to our collection. Always loved FELIX!! A big Thank you to Don and Jason.

    Elliot Z.

  • Not only left the gallery with an amazing piece of art that coincidentally happened to be meaningful to my family, but was left bewildered by Jason and his insight into the many pieces of art around the gallery. It was like stepping into my own personal behind the scenes documentary on the Beatles, Casper, and Felix the Cat. We'll be back!

    Jennifer D.

  • I have done business with James at Zazoo for several years. The quailty of their collectible siged/autographed photos is always great. The documentation is always great. In addition, they handle, pack and ship the product/items perfect and never had a problem. James always replies fast and always follows up on everything, very professional. A Happy Customer.

    Steve W.

  • Zazoo Fine Art Gallery definitely lives up to its name. It is my all-time favorite art gallery and it is now the only one that I do business with. Jason and James are consummate art professionals, and they bring their high level of expertise to the gallery. They are always looking for new artwork that is amazing, varied in style and subject, yet is also unique and of exceptionally high quality. They will also help you look for something that you are specifically interested in. James and Jason are always fair and honest; they are truly interested in what the customer or potential customer is looking for. They are very knowledgeable about all of their artwork. Jason and James love what they do, they work well together, and they are very proud of the gallery. If you are not planning a trip to Key West, you can look at Zazoo's website or give them a call. They will not try to sell you something you do not want, but they will be happy to talk to you and answer your questions. You cannot go wrong when dealing with Zazoo Fine Art Gallery; however, you will discover amazing and awesome artwork that you will not find elsewhere. Take a look!

    Christine L.

  • The first time we walked into Zazoo, it was after spending the day walking in and out of various art galleries and finding nothing we liked, or nothing that seemed worth its price. We wandered into Zazoo and spent almost an hour talking with Jason. They have the most captivating photographs, as well as original artwork from Don Oriolo (owner and Felix the Cat illustrator) Sylvester Stallone, Ringo Starr, and others. Jason (and James too, as we found out on a subsequent visit) are super knowledgeable, very friendly, and clearly love what they do. Their enthusiasm is contagious, yet there's never a hard sell or the feeling of pressure to buy. There is a diverse range of prices as well so there's something for everyone. We have bought three photographs on three separate trips had them shipped up to NJ. The items were packed with more care than we've ever seen before. Very impressive. We have recommended this gallery to everyone we know that is visiting Key West, just so they can see some of the historical events that are captured in many of the photos. And who doesn't want a piece of history with an original Felix the Cat? My only issue with this gallery is that I want too much in it and have trouble choosing!

    Lori I.

  • While I was on vacation in Key West, I went into the Zazoo gallery. I was instantly blown away by their fine collection of art. Jason Cornely greeted us with incredible enthusiasm as he offered to take us around the showroom. I found a wonderful piece of rock and roll history that is very rare on the market. I purchased it, and it now proudly displayed on my wall at home. The care that Jason put into the shipping of this piece to my residence was awesome. Thank you, Jason and the team at Zazoo! This is a must see gallery when you are in Key West.

    Keith M.

  • We were truly stunned to find this local gem in Key West. Jason is a delight to learn history from on all your favorite artists, actors and more. We will definitely go back and purchase again.

    Jodie M.

  • Jason was a pleasure to work with, he's professional, knowledgeable and informative. He kept me updated throughout the whole buying and shipping process. The artwork was professionally packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you Zazoo Fine Art for the beautiful artwork and awesome buying experience!

    Melissa C.

  • Jason at Zazoo has been there and provided guidance and help through every step of my purchase of an art piece at their gallery. From the initial meet to help with International shipping issues. Absolutely top notch customer service. Highly recommended!

    Havard N.

  • A beautiful gallery with a very knowledgeable manager. We learned the whole story of Felix the Cat and other cartoon favorites. And there is alot more than just cartoon paintings etc. Very reasonably priced and the shipping was free. We received the paintings today and the packing job was incredible - the most secure packing of a painting in my entire collection. Overall, a great experience.

    Donald L.

  • Key West has so many wonderful art galleries and Zazoo is most definitely one of them! My friends and I stopped in and met Jason & started chatting about art and our interests. When he realized how much I liked Ernest Hemingway, he took me to the back of the gallery and unveiled a beautiful piece of art that now hangs proudly in my restaurant. Thank you so much Jason and Zazoo!

    Shari J.

  • Walking by, what caught our eye was a photograph of the Rolling Stones appearing in Havana, Cuba. We walked in and were warmly greeted by Jason who showed us around and told us so many wonderful stories about the history of each photograph in great detail. He was a walking talking "Google" of everything in the gallery. We had so much fun and felt very confident in the professionalism and the inventory of the store. We bought a print of Frank Sinatra with Jack Kennedy. We returned later in the day to buy a Beatles print we fell in love with as well. Zazoo will now be one of the important places to stop into each time we return to Key West. Jason, thank you for your time and knowledge. We so enjoyed our time with you! You made it so much fun to spend money in your shop.

    Suzanne D.

  • While vacationing in Key West, came across Zazoo Art Gallery. Walked inside and was kindly greeted by Jason who was a pleasure to talk to. I had many questions and he was so patient and incredibly informative on everything we spoke about. After narrowing it down to my choice, Jason could not have been more helpful in making the transaction easier, handled shipping details, schedule of anticipated delivery and other concerns. Sure enough, the painting was delivered when promised and in perfect condition! I am often on the website and expect to purchase other pieces without any worry at all. Jason made it so that even though we distantly challenged, it feels like I am buying local and I truly appreciate that. Amazing place, amazing people and the gallery was electric!

    Dean B.

  • We were so thrilled to find Zazoo and to connect with Jason during a trip to Key West a few years ago. The pieces we've collected since discovering Zazoo have been wonderful, happy additions to our home. Whether it's an in-person visit or online, the personal customer service we've received has been stellar. Zazoo Fine Art Gallery is awesome...and so is Jason!

    Stefanie R.

  • Had a lot of fun hanging out at the gallery, chatting, and playing the guitars. I purchased a Three Masked Ringos (#4 if 6) which was expertly packed and shipped to my Chicago home. Some really great stuff here. A real surprise to discover this gallery.

    Brad G.

  • Strolled through Key West and came upon this art gallery. This place has a huge variety of art on various types of material which is great for every home. Majority of the art is of celebrities, musicians and artists from years ago to current times. Jason was happy to answer any questions we had and once we left he was very quick to respond to emails in regards to purchasing and shipping. I purchased an original poster from 1995 and could not be happier with it. If you're in the area definitely stop in and check out the artwork for yourself!

    Kelsi C.

  • The Best!!! Have been vacationing in Key West for over 20 years and my wife and I never miss a chance to stop by Zazoo Fine Art Gallery. Whether it's just to browse, say Hi and chat with Jason or add to our collection, we always enjoy this fine gallery.

    Stephen D.

  • Jason is full of enthusiasm , friendly & so professional! Top marks Jason , a pleasure doing business with you again.

    Christine W.

  • Awesome experience, Jason was an incredible fountain of knowledge and so pleasant.

    Stan W.

  • Jason was very patient and service minded and sold us our first piece of art to enjoy in our home in full display 😃 EVH is a house God and his son Wolfgang is continuing to write music history so the legacy lives on. With that said: this piece of art has a very high affection value already. Thank you Jason - you rock!!

    Ulf L.

  • Exceptional selection w personable, knowledgeable staff!!

    Nina C.

  • Always find great treasures at ZAZOO!!

    Ron C.

  • Jason's knowledge was terrific!

    Bill R.

  • Jason was wonderful. Spent the time with us. Sorry to have missed Don!

    Karen G.

  • Jason is great.

    Adam D.

  • Great people and wonderful collection! Thanks so much for indulging me while I fumbled through my Bowie collection on my phone and for helping me get a signed Bowie piece! Much love!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Michelle V.

  • Jason is such a pleasure to work with! His knowledge is a great contribution to the artwork he loves.

    Michael S.

  • Super knowledgeable. Unique items!

    Chris D.

  • Very knowledgeable about their art pieces. Great selection.

    Tom and Dawn W.

  • Zazoo, Jason, and James are the very best! They make Zazoo the best art gallery. Ever since I first visited Zazoo’s I don’t purchase artwork from any other gallery.Thanks so much!

    Christine L.

  • Jason has been so helpful & professional, was a pleasure buying a painting from him!

    Christine W.

  • Zazoo Fine Art Gallery is my absolute favorite art gallery. The different pieces of artwork are incredible. James and Jason are amazing! They are so knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. You won’t find anyone better than the two of them.

    Christine L.

  • Always a pleasure dealing with James and Jason, Best gallery in Key West!

    Ronald C.

  • Simply outstanding.

    Ildefonso S.

  • Awesome gallery!

    Brian N.

  • You put your Peter Pan artwork in the window at the perfect time. You must have known I was in town. Now I have to find the right spot for it, so everyone that comes over will see it

    Steve P.

  • Sales person (James) was so friendly and personable. He made our visit very special.

    Amy P.

  • Jason is awesome!!! This is by far the best art gallery in Key West!

    Simone K.

  • I love this place! I am a repeat customer…my wife will love this Charlie Brown/Snoopy print for Christmas!!!

    Paul M.

  • Knowledgeable!

    Joshua B.

  • Beautiful and diverse gallery! Jason was so helpful and we found some great, unique, and authentic pieces to add to our collection!

    Jennifer and Scott S.

  • Everything was great and it was a pleasure and a lot of fun to meet Don! I love my print!

    George D.

  • Very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable.

    Jennifer and Chris O.

  • Fantastic selection of art!

    Andrew J.

  • Jason was very easy to work with and so helpful when answering my questions I say you have a happy professional person and a asset to your business. People like him keep people like me coming back. Thank you and God bless.

    Maggi W.

  • Jason extremely helpful knowledgeable, and available

    Kaare W.

  • Friendly and very helpful.

    Stan B.

  • Unique product & friendly knowledgeable Canadian😁.

    Huib O.

  • My only one stop shop for Felix the Cat!

    Betsy R.

  • Thanks for the help Jason... Looking forward to the piece.

    Derek T.

  • The artwork arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for making my first art purchase a great one.

    Kyle S.

  • We have bought from Jason at Zazoo before and have always had a positive pleasant experience. We are thrilled that Don Oriolo owns the gallery now and look forward to a continuing relationship with Don & Jason. We are Felix the Cat collectors and love Don's work.

    Patricia B.

  • Bringing joy to our lives.

    Shahnaz K.

  • Jason in Key West is a true pleasure to work with. Extremely prompt and courteous.

    Eric D.

  • Loved the gallery and James was wonderful.

    Jessica C.

  • Jason is amazing... passionate, friendly, and easy to work with.

    Michael T.

  • Very helpful with my order I placed on the phone!!

    Stefani W.

  • Thank you again James for being so gracious when we visited the gallery.

    Mary P.

  • Simply the best and awesome art!

    John V.

  • Simple.

    Wilfredo P.

  • Beautiful work with knowledgeable staff.

    Michael G.

  • A very friendly and genuine service from start to finish! Jason is a very knowledgeable and passionate chap! Thanks again!

    Scott P.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the artwork arrived today James and it was in excellent condition. Thanks again, and it is quite stunning.

    Tom B.

  • Jason was great!

    Travis M.

  • Thank you James and Jason for your assistance with this purchase. My sweet husband has been a Rat Pack fan for years.

    Sherry M.

  • As always, great dealing with Zazoo!

    Ronald C.

  • James, the item has arrived successfully and on time. I thank you very much for your prompt action and service. Looking forward to working with you again.

    Amir K.

  • Great job in communication within your team to have all our info available for folks who answered our call. We really appreciate it and look forward to receiving Hero!

    Bob R.

  • Knowledge of the works. Jason is so helpful and is excited to show you new things. We enjoy purchasing from Zazoo knowing we are being taken care of.

    Misty R.

  • James, we called in to look around your fantastic gallery earlier this year. We were on holiday from the UK. You allowed me to play guitar at the back of the gallery. An absolute delight!

    Bernie K.

  • Awesome buying experience.

    Brenda S.

  • Received the pic today. In perfect condition. Great packing. Glad to finally have it in my home. Thank you.

    Gabe Z.

  • Love this gallery. So much artwork on display. Friendly, pleasant, very knowledgeable. Jason is awesome.

    Ronnie S.

  • As always, great experience at Zazoo!! Jason and James are the best.

    Ronald C.

  • We finally got the time to unwrap the artwork and they were received in perfect condition. They look great and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.

    Bill H.

  • The staff Jason and James are very friendly and knowledgeable! We also met the artist Don Oriolo while visiting. He was more than happy to visit with us and signed some additional pieces. Great Galley with Awesome Art!

    Ian B.

  • Very friendly and kind!

    Gregory V.

  • James was a great host. Extremely knowledgeable, generous with his time and passionate about the pieces in his gallery. And he was a lot of laughs.

    Jeffrey M.

  • Great people to work with, very personable.

    Amy H.

  • Jason rocks!!

    Billie R.

  • We picked it up early this morning and love it!!! Thank you for all you have done.

    Margaret W.

  • Very impressive.

    Greg G.

  • Jason was so friendly and helpful. We sure appreciate him! Can’t wait to get our art!!

    Judith B.

  • Looks great, tell Don I can’t thank him enough.

    David N.

  • Great place to buy rock n roll pics. Jason is awesome to work with.

    Michael H.

  • Thanks very much James! I left a super positive review for you and the gallery on Google and TripAdvisor. Have a great weekend as well!

    Felix R.

  • Prompt, friendly service from Jason.

    Scott P.

  • I received “Going to California.” It looks great! Thank you so much for your help with acquiring it.

    Ami M.

  • This is the fourth piece I bought from Zazoo. Quality is exceptional as is the service!!

    Betsy C.

  • Very professional as always. One of my favorite galleries to visit.

    Ronald C.

  • James was very friendly and responsive to my questions and suggestions. I have told friends about the Gallery and they plan on stopping in when they are in the Keys.

    Thomas B.

  • Very enjoyable experience, on every purchase made.

    Ronnie S.

  • Thank you so much for the picture and your research. It was so nice visiting with James at the gallery. This is one of our great memories of Key West!!

    Kathleen F.

  • We found just the right thing to make our new son in law happy on his birthday- even better, with a personalized greeting from Don.

    Edward D.

  • Love your gallery. Jason was awesome and friendly. Very knowledgeable. Can not wait to return.

    Ronnie S.

  • Excellent all the way around. A beautiful studio with incredible art.

    Elizabeth N.

  • Great photos, great people and wonderful service.

    Clarence L.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.

    Glenn L.

  • The curator was full of fascinating information regarding the piece we bought as well as many amazing pieces in the gallery. It was a fascinating experience.

    Diane W.

  • Love this place

    Martin K.

  • It was great meeting the artist!

    Irene D.

  • Nice guy.

    Martin K.

  • Ability to work us long distance - Great job Jason!!!!!

    Tim D.

  • The package arrived today! So happy to have worked with you and that the piece arrived in perfect condition! Many thanks!

    Shannon H.

  • Willingness to work with us on original pricing. So looking forward to having the piece in our home.

    Michael C.

  • Anyone that strolls down Duval St. needs to stroll into Zazoo. It's an awesome little gallery with friendly staff and by chance I was able to chat it up with the owner, who is continuing his father's legacy of Felix the Cat... great guy. Awesome place.

    James W.

  • Just all around AWESOME.

    Chad M.

  • I will always shop from yall,very excellent service!

    Jennifer B.

  • What a great experience!! You all were wonderful and I’ll be back to buy more from Don!!

    Kari D.

  • Everything arrived a few minutes ago and looks great!

    Justin S.

  • What a wonderful visit! Thanks so much James.

    Tom L.

  • We had an excellent experience shopping. It could not have been better or more fun. We hope to be back on our next trip to Key West. Our son loves his guitar.

    Ronald L.

  • I’m finally home, literally just got in about an hour ago. Was SO EXCITED to see the box waiting for me James.Thank you again.

    Bobby B.

  • Pretty nice gallery. Don and Jason are very kind persons.

    Heribert K.

  • The kids all loved their pieces we purchased from your gallery in November. They were given these for Christmas. Thanks so much and hope to see you sometime soon!

    Diana F.

  • Love your gallery, Jason was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Don't get to Key West often, but enjoyed the experience. Interested in more prints, keep me informed. Thanks.

    Ron S.

  • Received the picture today in perfect condition. Thanks again!

    Ron L.

  • As always Jason went the extra mile.

    Alan W.

  • The items arrived yesterday in perfect condition! That made for a great Valentine’s Day surprise! Thank you so much! I will have to send a picture after we hang them.

    Ian B.

  • Received today and it looks great - we love it! Thanks so much.

    Stacy G.

  • It arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much - he loves it!!!

    Mandi M.

  • I wanted you to know that we received the print yesterday evening. You are a master packager! It’s in perfect condition. Thank you again for working with us! We’ll see you again soon.

    Lisa C.

  • James, just want to thank you so much for shipping out the F.NAPOLEONI. She received it yesterday and absolutely loved it! Thanks.

    Noel V.

  • We really enjoyed your gallery when we last visited Key West and always appreciate seeing the art pieces you share in your emails.

    Bill R.

  • Both prints arrived today and in good order. Both have been hung and look as good as I imagined. Thanks again.

    Wesley S.

  • Prompt and knowledgeable service. Quick follow up. Zazoo IS the place for quality art and excellent service. We will definitely purchase art from Jason again.

    Bruce R.