Oriolo Guitars

In 2010, Don Oriolo announced the launch of the Oriolo Guitar Company. “The idea of creating a guitar company has been in the making for a long time. It has always been a fantasy of mine to design and build some very special guitars. The evolution of my dream is coming to fruition with all the perfect people in place to make it happen.”

Don Oriolo played a major role in the music industry for most of his career. He is a talented musician, songwriter, and producer, and he spent many years in an executive capacity at some of the biggest music publishing companies, as well as being a studio guitar player and an avid guitar collector. For the last 25 years, Don has been the “Felix the Cat Guy” as the CEO of Felix the Cat Productions, Inc. and has also continued to work in the music industry. Working in a highly creative environment helped bring the Oriolo Guitar company to life. Don's vision of a new line of instruments came to life when he brought his notebook full of acoustic and electric guitar sketches into the Felix the Cat art department. There, the concepts were developed, the designs and graphics were finalized, and world-class luthiers were brought in to make them a reality.

“Combining both guitars and Felix the Cat seemed like a perfect combination for me. The Oriolo Guitars with Felix the Cat graphics are amazing! Many of our instruments have been produced with no creative limits. Our creative process is not unlike car manufacturers bringing new ideas to the New York Auto Show, only you'll be able to really buy our ‘concept models.’ Righty-O!”

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