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The inspiration for "Salmon Breath" came from my good dog friend Valentine and looking closer the immediate visual matter is a pose that I have taken many times when I am looking closely into Valentine's eyes wondering what she is seeing and thus feeling after her favorite salmon skin snack.

But the actual subject matter of the work is a concept which I have used in some way over and over throughout the past 32 years. It is the idea of looking closer at Charles Schulz's work, the work that has influenced so much of my own work, so as to understand that he was not just a cartoonist but a brilliant artist. It is the visual knowledge that I care to share with the onlooker to help understand why I believe his work has a place in art history as well. - Tom Everhart 


Mixed medium print on deckled edge paper.

Regular edition of 125 fine art prints.

Hand signed by the artist, Tom Everhart 

Measures approx. 35" x 49" framed.

© Tom Everhart