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Singer Bruce Springsteen on Sunset Strip, 1975. He is in Los Angeles to promote his album ' Born to Run '.

“ It was Fall 1975 and I was in Los Angeles driving over to Tower Records on the Sunset Strip to see what was new. As I got out of my car, I noticed this group of interesting-looking people walking towards me and I recognized one of them, Bruce Springsteen. I’d heard him on the radio a few times and a lot of people I knew who were into music really liked what he was doing.

I stopped him on the street, introduced myself and asked if he minded me taking a few photos. I think he was really quite happy that someone recognised him. As I started to take the photos, I looked up and saw a giant billboard advertising his new album Born to Run . When I pointed  that out to him, he laughed and said yeah—that’s why they were there. "

A Fine Art Silver Gelatin Photographic Print signed by photographer Terry O'Neill.

Edition of only 50 prints. Measures approx. 34 7/8" x 28 3/4" Framed.
 © Terry O'Neill / Iconic Images