Michael Savlen

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Michael Savlen’s work stands out for the same reason that the eye is inclined to fasten onto the Marine artist amid a roomful of people: his paintings and his personality resonate with strength and vitality. Michael’s broad brushstrokes and bold palette are bursts of color and spontaneity. So alive with electricity, his work seems to explode off the canvas. This fierce vivacity and vibrancy is what keeps the viewer coming back.

As an avid outdoorsman, Michael is constantly inspired by what he experiences outdoors. From the beautiful to the brutal, the hilarious to the heartbreaking, he finds nature is truth in the purest form. It is a truth unadorned by artifice, refreshment to the mind, and a salve to the senses. It is a truth that Michael has fought long and hard to attain.

Michael Savlen, a self-taught artist, whose work has gained great exposure in recent years due to the discovery and cultivation of a special painting technique. Utilizing as many as 50 layers of paint and washes on a single piece, he creates a hologram or 3d effect that makes viewers feel they can reach right into the painting and grab a fish. Michael’s brushstrokes are as bold as the subjects themselves with colors that represent the fluid, explosive energy they possess.

His contemporary pallet and unparalleled techniques are part of the curriculum at both the collegiate and elementary levels in Japan, England and Wales. Michael Savlen is a signature member of Artist for Conservation. His work has been featured in many publications; Fly Rod & Reel, Marlin Magazine, American Angler, and Flyfishing in Saltwaters - to name but a few. Named artist of the year in 2010 by On The Water Magazine, his works grace the walls of the Corporate Headquarters of Cabo and Hatteras Yachts, Marina Pez Vela, museums, lodges, and homes of discriminating collectors around the world. An artist’s artist, his contemporary paintings are collected and revered by many fine artists the world over. Michael is constantly traveling the globe to study new species and ignite the fire present in his paintings. Recently, he sailed to the Florida Keys, where you are likely to find him with a rod, paintbrush, or camera in hand… searching for the reference for his next great work.

Michael Savlen

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